This document describes the Personal License Terms in order to use and download FuzzMeasure. Use of FuzzMeasure is also subject to the Conditions of Use Agreement. Additionally, the Personal License Terms contained herein are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Rode Microphones, LLC.

Personal License

Personal Licenses provided under this Agreement are available only for non-commercial use by individuals (e.g. hobbyists and enthusiasts). Personal Licenses are not available to companies in any way or form and can't be refunded by employers. The purchase of a FuzzMeasure Personal License must be made using your own funds only. Each individual owning a Personal License may install FuzzMeasure on any number of his or her systems (e.g. a desktop and laptop computer).

Software Version

Upon purchasing a Personal License of FuzzMeasure, the license key you receive will unlock the current version of FuzzMeasure at the time of purchase for use on a desktop and laptop computer.

Perpetual ownership

A FuzzMeasure Personal License is perpetual to the purchased major version of the software, only.

Software Updates

You are entitled to all maintenance updates and minor releases for the major version of FuzzMeasure you have purchased only. For clarity, if you purchased a license for FuzzMeasure 4.0, included are the minor ("second dot" e.g. 4.1) releases and maintenance releases ("third dot" e.g. 4.0.1) for that version.


Individuals who purchase a Personal License are entitled to limited technical support via email. We will do our best to respond to all customer support inquiries at our discretion, but can make no guarantee about responses.