FuzzMeasure Case Studies

Real-world stories from around the globe

Jean-Pierre Côté

Teaching Acoustics ›

Acoustic measurement and analysis in the classroom.

Tony David Cray

In the Studio, On the Stage ›

Tuning studios and mixing orchestras in Australia with a Grammy-winning engineer.

Phill Beynon

Live Sound Setup in the U.K. ›

Installs for music festivals, corporate audio, special events and houses of worship.

Chris Owens

Pro Studio Setup ›

Meet one of LA’s most in-demand studio designers sharing his insights on FuzzMeasure.

Tony Terrebonne

Pro Studio Setup ›

Measuring and tuning, aligning speakers & discussing room problems with clients.

Robbie Williams

Theater Design ›

First time FuzzMeasure user takes on acoustic room design for surround sound theater.

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